Water damaged movement?

Thread: Water damaged movement?

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    Water damaged movement?

    So here's my DWX-101. It got water in it over the summer when I was swimming - it has one of the gaskets with a small tab on it which I hadn't seated right. I've tried new batteries and multiple AC resets, but the left side of the screen is still messes up - this picture is showing 12:02.

    Any hopes for this movement or am I looking for a donor 1978 movement?

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    Re: Water damaged movement?

    It might be the contacts between the LCD and PCB. I find they can get finicky as they age. Some (most?) G-Shocks have a frame that holds down the screen; the tightness of the frame screws can have an impact on the contact. If you are comfortable going deeper into the module it would be worth a look.

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    Re: Water damaged movement?

    Yeah, I'd have a look at it myself. With the module being discontinued you may have to hit the G-Shock salvage yard lol.
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