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Thread: WDS F30

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    WDS F30

    WSD-F30, not the typo in the title...

    Good morning,

    I have had the Casio Protrek WSD-F20 for a while now, and the only let down I encounter with it is the TERRIBLE battery life. It's just crap, to put it technically, and I am considering purchasing the WSD-F30.

    I'm assuming someone here has the F30 and it'd be appreciated if some info about battery life was shared.

    If you have one, is it worth upgrading from the F20?

    I love the intuitiveness of the F20 and it is a joy to use, but if the F30 battery is better then I'll get one.

    Much appreciation in advance.

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    Re: WDS F30

    Hi Hasto, I have had a WSD-F30 for a couple months now. Though I have no prior smartwatch for reference, overall I have been pleased with the battery life. It saw heavy use when I was learning to use it and it never used a full charge before the day was over, even when using the always-on display. My GPS use was limited so results may vary. It is very comfortable to wear and the screen, mapping and sensor functions are all very good. Not being able to easily export mapping/route info is only thing that I feel is missing. Hope that helps with your decision :)
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