What Accessories Do You Recommend?

Thread: What Accessories Do You Recommend?

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    What Accessories Do You Recommend?

    Ok guys, so I've been on here a wee while and have recently bought my first watch case so I'm almost a professional watch collector haha.

    What accessories are must haves, especially if I'm thinking of doing some more strap changes, a little cleaning and polishing of my Breitling etc?

    I've seen some nifty module holders on a recent thread which looked like clamps, looked pretty trick and easier than trying to unscrew a strap holding the watch between my knees for sure
    The 7900's are my favourites, although the 56s are currently my focus. But nothing is excluded, except pink Risemans.

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    Re: What Accessories Do You Recommend?

    A good set of screw drivers (slot and Phillips), a good needle-nose pliers and good pair of fine tweezers (one all metal and a second one with plastic tips - for batteries).
    But that's if you're only going to mess with Gs.

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