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Thread: What did your CASIO do today?

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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    I used mine to check the date when I was buying ready meals at the supermarket this morning. It was pretty intense and only a G would have been up to a job like that.

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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    Told my Doc full moon was still a few days off, decided NOT to surf fish as high tide was not that high, used compass on an adventure motorcycle ride and will use most of that again this weekend on a motorcycle rally event.

    Just another week in Pathfindet/Protrek world!

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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    Quote Originally Posted by CC View Post
    Helped me through a 12hr shift and took a few knocks, like it has done for over 2 years and still looks great...

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    My first G was very similar to yours but the sub dials were negative display and my old eyes could not see them. If I had got the model you have I would still have it. Its a good size.
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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    My primary source of information is the barometer plot
    The best Casio G-Shock is the next one...

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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    I know I posted this earlier but these are better shots and it's still honeymoon time

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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    So far, nothing, not wearing a watch right now. Just chilling at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kubr1ck View Post
    the benevolent caretaker of a halfway house for recovering G-Shocks.
    Quote Originally Posted by kubr1ck View Post
    And the grand rehabilitator strikes again.

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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    My 5610 has just been relaxing on my wrist just looking pretty
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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    Timed a quick 3 mile hike..

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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    Today it woke me up at 7am with it's high pitched voice, kept time of my daily walk, washed my back as we got home and took a shower together, reminded me to make lunch and now it's sunbathing in the windowsill =)

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    Re: What did your CASIO do today?

    Today my G-Shock made people assume I'm a soldier going through SAS selection who needs an indestructable watch with 4 sensors to help me survive the night in hostile enemy territory.

    Little do they know, the most action it actually sees is when I mow the lawn or wash the car. Fools!
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