What is the diff btwn the F20 & F30?
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Thread: What is the diff btwn the F20 & F30?

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    What is the diff btwn the F20 & F30?

    Functionally I mean, what is the advantage to getting the CASIO PRO TREK WSD-F30-RG

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    Re: What is the diff btwn the F20 & F30?

    Different case! different soft? different modes for timekeeping? All together difference could be striking but you need to experience it firsthand. Reviews are lousy place to base your choice upon.
    I am using Samsung Gear Sport for a month now and software part is the most important component of these watches. Software change within 6 months or so and for example new firmware can bring new issues and resolve some older ones... So hands on or unboxing dudes are hardly 100% relevant after 6 months , may be 90-50% relevant.
    Different screen (higher DPI) and smaller size of new model.
    SOC are same and wearOS likely same version so it won't be huge difference.
    Don't think you will find many people who have both versions and used them long enough to tell interesting story.
    It should be special!

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