What is the difference between Luminox models 3408

Thread: What is the difference between Luminox models 3408

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    What is the difference between Luminox models 3408

    Guys I don't know where else to ask this question and hope someone can help me before I make a mistake. I have a bid in on a (Mdl. 3408) Luminox stealth and the dial reads "USAF STEALTH." There is also a model 3408 and the dial reads "F117 Nighthawk." Is there a difference in the makeup of these watches? I do not want to buy an outdated model. Any help will be appreciated folks!

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    Re: What is the difference between Luminox models 3408

    hi dick,

    the proper forum for your request is here:


    I'm also interested in luminox watches (H3 watches in general), so I allow myself to answer : it seems, that those watches with the *F117 Nighthawk" writing on the dial are of a newer date, but I'm not really sure about it. I can only presume, because these are the models you can see on the luminox homepage. on the other hand there is not even a trace of the newer models 8401 (aka as *black ops*) and 6204 model (EVO 117 stealth) on their site...

    but other than the "F117 vs USAF" writing I can't see any differences in the 3408 specifications.

    regards, holger
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    Re: What is the difference between Luminox models 3408

    Personally I'd buy a Marathon Navigator over a Luminox, but that's just me.

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