What G Shock Should I Get
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Thread: What G Shock Should I Get

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    What G Shock Should I Get

    Currently have the DW6900 and i love it. But i want to upgrade. I really want an ultimate survival watch. I want something that works when I need it. Which is why i bought my current watch. I have been thinking about getting the rangeman GW9400. Is the upgrade worth it? I really want something with a compass/barometer and the auto led, also the sunrise and sunset functions seem pretty cool. Also i read that the LED is not as bright as my current watch which is an illuminator. Is that true? The led lume is a big deal for me.

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    Re: What G Shock Should I Get

    The illumination on the Rangeman is perfectly bright enough imo for what it's intended for - reading the display in low/no light conditions. It's not going to be an area light, and I think they keep the illumination a bit dimmer on the solar g's but I could be wrong there. I found the auto illumination a bit annoying as it comes on when the screen is still visible in lower light and after going back and forth on it for a while I've settled on leaving it off now.

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    Re: What G Shock Should I Get

    you know that all of the features of Gshock, beside telling time/solar charge/and time syncing, ARE gimmicks, RIGHT ? a water proof smart phone is what you need when bad things happen

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    Re: What G Shock Should I Get

    Get the GW6900

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    Re: What G Shock Should I Get

    My advice:

    1) As the title says, if you're trying to decide which G-Shock to buy, start here: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f43/sta...ck-850524.html

    2) You say that "But i want to upgrade. I really want an ultimate survival watch. I want something that works when I need it. Which is why i bought my current watch." That really doesn't narrow it down very much -- ALL G-Shocks are designed to work when you need them!

    3) The problem with "ultimate survival watches" like the Rangeman (and Casio's Pro Trek line) is that while they have all kinds of neat features, they also come with all kinds of limitations.

    The compass functions are pretty straightforward, but the thermometer is affected by your body temperature. If you want to get an ACCURATE temperature reading, you need to take the watch off your wrist and set it (preferably in the shade) for 10 or 15 minutes until it reaches the actual ambient temperature.

    The barometer is also pretty straightforward (though it can also be slightly affected by body temperature), but the barometer uses the same sensor as the altimeter. Casio watches don't have the "altitude lock" feature of some other ABC watches, which means that when the air pressure drops, the watch doesn't know if the change is caused by weather or altitude -- which means that the altitude reading in your office or living room can go up or down by hundreds of feet whenever the weather changes! There are many, many threads about this "problem" with ABC watches since a lot of people don't read the long, involved, operating manuals before buying their watches: https://www.google.com/search?sclien....0.l_XDFCBiUM8

    4) Most people here love the Rangeman, partly because the model is relatively new-ish, but a few people have reported problems with the way the strap attaches to the case -- see these threads for more information: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f17/g-s...ff-988963.html



    5) If you really want an "ABC watch" (with altimeter/barometer/compass) go take a look at that forum as well -- it covers other brands like Suunto and Garmin, as well as Casio's Pro Trek line: Digital & ABC watches

    If you just want another tough watch with more features, there are PLENTY of G-Shocks to pick from!

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    Re: What G Shock Should I Get

    I think the Rangeman is a great choice!
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    Re: What G Shock Should I Get

    Some people just don't like Rangeman. But overall it think is Rangeman just simply the BEST G-Shock price and packed options wise.
    Get it you won't be disappointed. Im using mine day and night hard. Banging every corner of it, i fit Strap from Frogman and trust it all 100%

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    Re: What G Shock Should I Get

    Even with the limitations Mike K described, the Rangeman is probably the most fully-featured G-Shock for the money (around $200 US, at least for the black/positive display and olive/negative display versions), and it is one of the most popular models on this forum. The vast majority of owners seem to be very happy with their various Rangeman models. Personally, I'd stick with a positive display version for its better readability.

    I don't own one, because my Pathfinder (Protrek) PAW-2000 offers similar functionality in a much thinner form factor, and I'm just a desk diver. There is no doubt that the Rangeman has a much better protected crystal, and the large metal buttons are much easier to press. I suspect it can take a lot more abuse than the PAW-2000 without showing damage.

    If you're interested in the Rangeman, you should take a look at fwupow's excellent review of the JDM model on YouTube (I think the only difference with this model is the carbon fiber strap).


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    Re: What G Shock Should I Get

    Short circuit the decision-making process and get all of them that look interesting. Likely it will happen anyway, then you won't have to worry about it. At least, not till the next round of new models come out
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