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    Question What If Casio.......

    I was browsing wally world the other day looking through there watches like I always do, never know what you might find. I ran across the old school casio A-168. I said what the heck I bought one. It fits pretty well and suprisingly the 80's style band does not pull to many hairs out. I am wearing this little digital and I was thinking what if Casio just put a little more into this classic? Made it a little more water resistant say 50 to 100m and produced it from stainless steel. How much of a market would it open up for them? Imagine a small dress G. I degress maybe I am hoping for a re-emerging of the Marlin. Anyone's thought? All right let the bashing begin.

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    Re: What If Casio.......

    IMO, I think to a certain point they did have the same idea and made G-shocks! It does resemble the 5600 in shape..

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