Whats up with the Buckle thing

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    Whats up with the Buckle thing

    I am kinda new to this whole world of G Shock ( i have had 2 before) but entering the mysterious ways of the G Shock world made me stunn how detailed it is..

    Whats with the Buckle thing, i mean some say Japan some say Indoniesia..... whats the difference as for quality or collectors value???

    its just a buckle

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    Re: Whats up with the Buckle thing

    Quote Originally Posted by mongo View Post

    its just a buckle
    Well you've just answered your own question

    Casio buckles are made by Casio factories in countries ranging from Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand and probably one more. All should be similar in quality and function, although the ones made in Japan will always be preferred amongst collectors.

    That's all there's to it really...

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    Re: Whats up with the Buckle thing

    Yep, it's just a buckle. And a G-Shock's overall worth is always greater than its individual parts.

    This thread made me do a quick check on the buckles of my current Gs:

    DW-9051 - Indonesia
    G-9200 - China
    G-9100 - Japan
    G-9000 - Japan
    GW-5600 - Indonesia
    G-9200 Riseman
    G-9100 Gulfman
    G-9000MC-8D Mudman

    Sucks to be without a G.

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