When are the best G-Shock sales usually held?

Thread: When are the best G-Shock sales usually held?

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    Question When are the best G-Shock sales usually held?

    I've been back in the G-Shock fold for only a short period now. And I've seen a number of posts in the past about sales and deals going on. But, I'm wondering if there are some fairly regular time periods when G-Shock watches tend to go on sale. From what I saw recently, either just before the winter holiday, or about a month after (I saw some killer sales going on in late January through mid February this here). Are there any more coming up soon? Any G-Shock semi-annual sales that come around in the summer time?
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    Re: When are the best G-Shock sales usually held?

    I'd also like to know the answer to this question. Save some money for more Gs haha

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    Re: When are the best G-Shock sales usually held?

    There is no specific sales times that I have noticed during my years of collecting. Crazy deals can show up anytime in the year and to get those one must be very quick, or else they will be gone, poof just like that...
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    Re: When are the best G-Shock sales usually held?

    Macy's is one major retalier that carries Gs, but unfortunately they seldom go on sale there. They have their store wide 25% off Friends and Family sale twice a year and that's the best time to get one. They just had it about 2 weeks ago. Sometimes you can get lucky and find one on clearence at something like Khol's if they just got new models in, but they usually only carry very basic Gs.
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    Re: When are the best G-Shock sales usually held?

    I always got the best deals when certain models were discontinued and replaced. Like the orange GX-56 or all of my G-8000 models. So I think one good way to get great deals is to check the Casio homepage in your country and watch for the models that suddenly disappear which mostly means they are no longer sold in you country - then check some stores to see if they are already on clearance. I check the major malls each time I'm going shopping anyway. So normally I don't miss any good deals. There's only one rule: don't buy them when they were just released (only when you absolutely want it and it's a limited edition) - wait a few months.

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