When does Casio typically introduce new ****man watches?

Thread: When does Casio typically introduce new ****man watches?

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    When does Casio typically introduce new ****man watches?

    I'm considering adding a Rangeman and was wondering if there is a time of year that Casio typically updates (or adds to) its top of the line watches. For example, does Casio introduce new watches at Basel or at other times of the year?

    Similarly, now that the Rangeman has been out for a few years, is it likely to be supplanted soon as Casio's most full featured offering or do they keep products such as the Rangeman and Frogman in the lineup unchanged for many years?

    I realize no one knows for sure, but appreciate the input nonetheless.


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    Re: When does Casio typically introduce new ****man watches?

    Obviously no one knows, but I don't think the Rangeman will be updated anytime soon, as it is the newest amongst the xxxman series. Most would expect the next one to be updated to be the Frogman, as it has been around since 2009

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    Re: When does Casio typically introduce new ****man watches?

    New lines are usually introduced at Baselworld and made available later part of the year. I suspect smart watch may be a rather major part of this year's roundup, so may not end up seeing any completely new lines for Gs for this year, though premium stuff and refreshes of existing lines may be announced during the show (e.g. frogs).

    Not spoiling the fun, but I'm afraid it may be about time for Rangeman. There may still be one or two releases, maybe as collabs, but I think pretty much most of the colors have been covered in previous releases. But hey, don't lose hope right now, we haven't had a real pink ranger yet (not sunrise purple)!

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