When should I give my "G" a check up.

Thread: When should I give my "G" a check up.

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    When should I give my "G" a check up.

    Hi, I was wondering how offten should I have my G-5600 check-out,water proof etc.. I have never taken it in to water . I just got it a couple of week ago. It is an old watch ( 2-3 years old) I brought it new , never been worn before. The watch has never been opened up before. Thanks.

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    Hi Mick,

    I won't worry about anything. It's a solar model and the trickiest part for the seals is the battery change. When you don't swim with it. it's not worn (and maybe you want to keep it that way too) I won't worry to much. Those seals normaly keep good at least 5 years. My experience is that this is just a minimum. My Raysman are slill all water resist (almost 10 years old).


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