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    Where to buy

    I am looking to buy my first G-shock. I am leaning towards the solar powered watches as I don't want to be bothered replacing batteries. Where does anyone recommend buying from? I am okay with used as long as it is in great condition. This would be my weekend and gym watch so not looking to break the bank. Since I am new to this and do not have a collection I can't appreciate rarity of models at this time. Sounds like there are fakes out there so that is a concern of mine. Just want something with some style and durability. I appreciate any advice.


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    Re: Where to buy

    Amazon is safe from fakes (unlike eBay) and competitively priced generally.

    4 solar/atomics to get you started...Square is a fancy version of the classic 5600, a GWX-5600 that also has moon phase and tides, search Amazon for the GW-5610 for the basic solar/atomic square. Next is the robust GW-2310, cheap and tough. The white is a GW-M850 (also available black) for small wrists. Last is not a G-Shock, but the STW-1000 is an athletes watch available thru Amazon from Japan in at least 5 colors. Have fun researching!

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    Re: Where to buy

    moved to main forum for better coverage

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    Re: Where to buy

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkBoots View Post
    Where does anyone recommend buying from?
    Since this is an international forum, my counterquestion to "where to buy?" here is always "well, where do you live?"

    Between your name, writing style and spelling, you "sound" like you're from the US or Canada, which makes both Amazon and brick-and-mortar stores relatively safe places to shop for G-Shocks.

    On the other hand, I've gamed with some Scandinavian people who write colloquial English ridiculously well, or you could be a North American living abroad.

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