WHITE Gshock leather DW-9500 replacement strap?

Thread: WHITE Gshock leather DW-9500 replacement strap?

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    WHITE Gshock leather DW-9500 replacement strap?

    You will have to forgive me if this information is somewhere on this forum. I haven't been able to find it using the search.

    I have an old white leather banded DW-9500 and it is beat to he!!, which means that the watch itself is fine, but the strap is looking pretty gnarly. The white leather (or is it pleather?) band has the Tough Label G stamped on it.

    A few questions -
    Can anyone point me to a replacement (if a leather replacement can't be found - what would be the right size for the resin strap? Standard 16 mm lug with the 25 mm normal part? (I'm not using really technical descriptors, sorry.)

    Can anyone tell me anything about this watch? History, etc? I really love it, and need to get another battery in it to get it rolling again - I work in a Chem. lab, and these watches are really the best!

    I'm looking at getting another one - Amazon.com: Casio Men's AW590-1A G-Shock Ana-Digi Chronograph Sport Watch: Casio: Watches
    but I digress -
    Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: WHITE Gshock leather DW-9500 replacement strap?

    I'd be surprised if a direct replacement strap is available. However, most of the 'standard' G-Shock straps should fit. Look for straps for the older 'DW' models.
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