white powder on new g shock at retail store?

Thread: white powder on new g shock at retail store?

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    white powder on new g shock at retail store?

    went to Belks today as it is the only store in my county that sells G's with the intention of taking home a 6900ms, don't ask me why but the craving for one snuck up on me.

    well they had one there, but in the crevices of the band and bezel it had a strange white dust or powder on it, was on the back of the band as well and didn't rub off terribly easily, like it was resin rot sign rather than just dust from sitting in the case

    has anyone else seen this on a new G before? really wanted to buy it in person as every G i own i have bought used and shipped to me and so i knew i could take care of it how i wanted to from the start but that threw me, like it already had resin rot. . .

    pointed it out to the sales person and they said they would sell it for $90.. . .

    really debating going back tonight to get it since it was the last left there. . .

    tell me what you all think please

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    Re: white powder on new g shock at retail store?

    When you rubbed/scratched it off, was the resin underneath pitted or marked in any way? If it was, rot or something else, the resin was affected and I would steer clear of the watch. But if you're sure that after you cleaned it the resin had zero marks, then it was a deposit from some other source and the resin is ok.
    But tell the seller that since there is a possibility of the resin being compromised you will take it for 80 bucks .

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