Why do threads get closed?
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Thread: Why do threads get closed?

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    Why do threads get closed?

    Seriously. Why was a thread closed when people were talking about celebrity endorsement of casio watches? I feel like this forum is leaning a little to the sensitive side. Maybe because I have thick skin and don't get offended easily, but I thing people getting 'stirred up' is not a good reason to close a relevant thread. Yes, sometimes people get carried away or aggressively attack people, that is when a thread should be shut down and warnings be given. But lately it seems like the wet blanket brigade is too quick to shut things down based on their interpretation of what is offensive. Just my two cents here.

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    Re: Why do threads get closed?

    In this particular case, "Who in your opinion would make a good G-Shock Ambassador?" is probably a better thread title than "____ is just terrible."

    • The title alone will probably attract more readers and/or input than the other.
    • It's not as negative.
    • It's not theoretically as actionable by _____'s lawyers, and as a moderator elsewhere I've seen some pretty ridiculous and bizarre "cease and desist" letters from attorneys.
    • If it's anything like most other internet forums, the mods are [more than likely] overworked, unpaid, under-appreciated, and it was their call to close that thread for (I'm guessing) a combination of the first three points above.
    • A lot of other forums have the same rule as this one: "Members who have personal issues with other members and moderators must resolve their differences outside the forum." In most sports, yelling at the referee seldom does any good and usually just makes things worse. It's probably better to PM a moderator than to start up a "what's the deal with...?" thread.
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    Re: Why do threads get closed?

    I agree. One of my threads were closed. Earlier in the threads I did say something I was warned about (maybe rightfully so) I said someone's remark was ignorant. I later apologized....but yeah, I hope I don't get repremanded for posting this, but this is a little ridiculous. I'm very nice to people on here, and people are nice to me....but if we can have debates or say what's on our mind (topical to watches of course) all of which I feel is appropriate and non-offending, what's the point of being on here in the first place? How vanilla do the people running this thing want it to be? There's no swearing, no threats, no verbal abuse, and still it's too edgy, I really don't understand it.
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    Re: Why do threads get closed?

    Moderator actions are not discussed or explained in open forum.

    -Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

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    Re: Why do threads get closed?

    Simple reason - threads get locked when they break the rules - and also if there's too many posts in it that break the rules so editing is not an option. Since this thread also breaks the rules:
    11. Moderators' and the administrator's decisions are final. If you are in doubt about a post, please contact a moderator before you submit your post. Membership of the forum can be revoked by the forum administration without any reason being given. Moderators reserve the right to delete any questionable posts pending additional request for documentation.

    Watchuseek reserves the right to remove, at any time, any or all of your mailing list privileges if Watchuseek determines, at Watchuseek's sole discretion, that you have violated our standards of behavior. Watchuseek moderation is not a topic for discussion, decisions are made by those who created and run this Forum, and are made in its best interest.
    Just one last observation - I visit a lot of different watch forums and WUS is certainly not stricter than others in locking, deleting and editing posts/threads. Btw: our unpaid work would be easier if everyone read the rules and sticked to it. BTW: I don't really like being called a member of the "wet blanket brigade".


    cheers, Sedi
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