Why do you search for more?

View Poll Results: Would you stop collecting if you found the BEST watch?

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  • Yes, that is the one I was always looking for!

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  • No, I am a collector! I could never own only one.

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  • Undecided, never thought about it.

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Thread: Why do you search for more?

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    Question Why do you search for more?

    Hy guys,
    one thing that strikes me most: Why do you/ we collect so many watches?
    Some are married and have 'only' one wife- but tons of watches!
    My guess is that we all are only looking for the one and only watch- and that needs not to be the so-called grail. Grails can be just very rare or expensive. But the most wanted watch is the one with the complete package: all features we want, superb design, accuracy beyond everything, endless lifetime or whatever.
    So I ask:

    Would you stop collecting watches if you found that one special watch with everything you want in it??

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    Re: Why do you search for more?

    I would quit, yes. I think I have spread my needs across several watches to the point where I'm about to quit.
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    Re: Why do you search for more?

    Every watch in a collection has its character / style. I don't think that serious collectors will stop collecting when they find "the watch of their dreams", because simply such watch doesn't exist. Companies know very well this and each time, they try to generate a new need for the customers. The need is not only based on better features..its based on the character of the watch and many times a simple colour variation can make the difference for people who collect watches..Collector's logic has more to do with exceptionality of every watch inside the collection rather than fulfilment of needs IMO. "This is brilliant, that is good too!...I want them all!!!"

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    Re: Why do you search for more?

    never thought about it that much. i only buy it if

    a) price is right and its worth it
    b) features i wanted (atomic solar)
    c) pressured by members
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    Re: Why do you search for more?

    I've never really thought about it. I collect due to the thrill of the chase, finding great bargains or rare pieces. As it is I don't use many of the features of any of the watches I currently own. I look at the time, sometimes the date and use the stopwatch on occasions, that's about it. At times I think I collect just for the sake of collecting.

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    Re: Why do you search for more?

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately, because although I don't have a small collection (12) it's starting to feel lioke to many; I'm just not wearing some of them.

    I think the problem is that I bought some for one, or a very limited number, of reasons, not because the watch had everything I wanted. As a result, I only wear them on the odd occasion when that one feature seems more important than everything else combined.

    If I was a bit more focused, and had fewer but more rounded watches, I'd stop buying. I wouldn't stop looking though.

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    Re: Why do you search for more?

    i guess to me watches can be like cars....a ferrari F50 is great so is an Enzo but Lamborghini Gallardo is awesome too. you just wanna try out the ones u really like and wear them for whatever occasion and reasons that you may have. Afterall who is to say you are unfaithful when it comes to watches unlike being married and staying faithful.
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    Re: Why do you search for more?

    If you have the sort of personality that makes you acquisitive, you are going to collect, no matter what, be it watches, stamps, trainers etc etc.

    It's nothing to do with whether one fulfills the need, one of whatever never will, how many of us here collect other things other than watches? .....
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    Re: Why do you search for more?

    Very simply, I like variety. I have different watches for different occasions. Some watches mark certain times in my life, some have the perfect features for certain things I do. For example, I use my Pathfinder for sports, I shuffle my 5600 and Frog for t-shirt and jeans casual, My Giez and MTG get shuffled for work, and my Citizens and Seikos for suits.

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    Re: Why do you search for more?

    Never given it much thought...

    ...I like watches but am not obsessed by them. I only have a few and promised myself to never own more than 5 because with 5 or less, you can adequately cover most watch wearing situations.

    If it ever becomes an addiction as opposed to fun, then I'll give them all away, but I've never been an addictive personality.

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