Will 3230 LCD work on 1289?

Thread: Will 3230 LCD work on 1289?

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    Will 3230 LCD work on 1289?

    Will the LCD from the 3230 module work as a retrofit in the 1289 module? I have a 1997 DW-6900-1 which I had from new and have replaced the bezel and band as they were trashed. Everything else is original. It has the light grey, slightly grainy looking LCD background which is working normally. I am considering fitting a newer LCD to it (e.g. the slightly sharper looking, better contrast LCD from a DW-6900MF-1, MR-7 or BW-1) and wanted to determine feasibility. As the 3230 and 1289 modules are near identical, I figured it should work, but thought I'd best check. The other issue seems to be that the LCD from these watches is discontinued so I'd have to buy a donor watch. Cheers.

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    You're in luck, the only parts listed as compatible between the two modules (well, really it's three because there's 1289 and 1289XCZ) are the LCD and the backlight parts (and the battery of course). So if you were to cop a functional 3230 with the same LCD color (or whichever color you like), you could swap them no problem.
    Do be careful while disassembling them though, they aren't too complicated but the EL springs can be a little... well, springy.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Will 3230 LCD work on 1289?

    Thanks very much for the warning and information! Springs and clips on Gs do have a habit of launching into flight lol

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