The rules are very clear:

No sales posts or "Want to Buy/Trade" posts of any kind. All such posts will be immediately deleted. There are Sales Corners at WatchUseek for this express purpose. If you have a special offer you would like to make directly to forum members, e-mail the moderator(s) first to discuss it.

For most of the time that I've been a Moderator, I've hardly had to deal with infringements of this rule, but in recent weeks I seem to be doing it on a regular basis.

I don't do it because I'm a crazed bureaucrat, I do it because the rule is a good one, and breaches of it can be terribly unfair on other members.

The reasons for the rule are:
  1. We have a Sales Corner specifically for this purpose.
  2. The brand forums would soon get cluttered up with sales posts if we allowed them.
  3. Someone alerting members to sales or trades in a brand forum has an unfair advantage over someone who has followed the rules and advertised a similar item in the Sales Corner.
I know that some mention of sales is inadvertent and innocent. It might simply be part of a conversation that two members are having in their posts. It might be intended to be helpful to someone. On these occasions, I will simply edit or delete posts and send a reminder to the poster.

If you want to let someone know you have a watch that they might be interested in - send a PM.

If people become repeat offenders, or if I have some reason to believe that the post is a sneaky attempt to evade the rules, I might well (as I have done) suspend their access. Ultimately, a member could be banned.

One other thing... Moderators are unpaid volunteers. I come onto the forum to read interesting posts about watches, not to spend time editing posts, deleting posts, and writing PMs.

I might be slightly grouchier than usual at the moment, because my bad back means that I can't spend long at the computer before needing a winch to get me out of my chair...

Best wishes to each and every member,