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    World time setting - excellent URL


    I have a new G9000 mudman (classic black with those red buttons) and found that manually going through and setting time to be time consuming. Most world time web sites let you select a city and then shows the world time for only that city. You have to individually select the cities one by one on the website. In light of this I thought I'd put together a little explanation to help those battling with this issue.

    I found an excellent world time site that displays the world time for almost all the cities in the G-shock in a nice table. Here is the URL:
    (asterisk beside city name indicates city is on DST)

    The site also shows the DST start and end times for all countries around the world at this URL:

    When setting time zone I do the following steps:

    1: Select the UTC zone (in my case -5)

    2. Set DST to ON if during daylight saving mode

    3. Set the time for your zone.

    4. Set the world times zones:
    a. Use the top link above to check the time and press the top left button to
    turn on/off the DST as appropriate for each city in the world time zone
    feature of your watch.
    b. Select next city and repeat step 4a. until all cities have been set.

    Notice: That when you set the UTC and turn on DST, the watch automatically changes the UTC accordingly (in my case UTC was changes to -4). Do not go back and set UTC the way you think it should be (ie -5 in my case).

    In my case: After Step 1 and 2 above, I checked the UTC setting again. It was -4 - this is fine and results from setting DST to on. Do NOT go back and change UTC to -5 else all your world time zones will be off by an hour.

    Here is a picture of my new watch. No zoomed shots since I notice there are plenty of pictures of this model and color on this forum. I put a tape measure on my wrist so you can get an idea of how it would look on a 7"-7.5" wrist.

    I like the watch. It's Tough (Capital 'T' intentional) and the red covers for the buttons look cool.

    I would recommend this watch to anyone who is looking for a tough G-shock. The gasket covering on the bottom (which covers the edges of the plate) and the red rubber covers for the buttons and the black cover for the light button make this watch mud and dirt proof.

    Some nice features:

    World time - very handy when you make a lot of international calls.

    2 stopwatches, The first can start with a 5 second count down. So you press the button; assume the runners starting position and the watch beeps the 5 second countdown before the stopwatch actually start.

    Countdown timer range of one minute to 24 hours

    Alarms (4 regular, 1 snooze, 1 sig) can be set to time as well as to the DAY and/or date. So you can set a daily alarm, a specific date alarm, a one month alarm or a monthly alarm type. G9000 also has the auto light feature, and dual illumination (this means the lettering around the digital display also lights up - see picture below).

    You can read more about the features by downloading the pdf for the watch at this page:
    Enter module number 3031 for the G9000 pdf manual

    The battery it takes is the ubiquitous CR2025 which the manual says should last 3 years (depending on usage intensity - eg, autolight, alarms, etc).

    Nice forum, by the way. Very informative.
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