Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?
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Thread: Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?

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    Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?

    I understand we have a lot of collectors here and peeps that love to wear their watches. What is the most abuse you would say your G has seen. It would be good to see everyday examples, you can also post "experiments" conducted.

    For me this DW9052 has seen tons of daily abuse. The watch is about 6-8 years old, everything is still original including he battery. This watch has accompanied me into a lot of swimming pools, jacuzzis, hot tubs and beaches, with underwater button presses. It's been with me in cold temperatures while skiing and outdoors in -10 windchill! Has seen accidently oil and coolant spills that would make BP look like an angel. Has been to the shooting range and shot everything from handgun rounds to shotgun and rifle rounds. Its been my partner on all my mountain bike and motorcycle rides! It has taken lots of drops to the ground and been in lots of fights. Here is my trusty G, been with me through thick and thing, never once complained.

    Lets hear your stories :)
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    I had a baby g watch for a long time from when I was in 3rd grade until 8th grade. That watch took some major abuse. I would beat the .... out of it everywhere and hit t against things. Not intentionally but by accident. I've taken it scuba diving quite a few times with under water button pressing. All in all it was a very faithful watch until I took it to get the battery replaced and the watch guy really screwed it up. Never would keep the time longer than a few days. He lost the bezel that went around the face. Up until then it served me well.

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    Re: Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?

    Full speed down hill with my bicycle with emergency stop. Lost control, flipped over in mid air. Landed on my wrist then scraped through with my chest down on hill. Busted my wrist and result of my G-Shock?
    You see the picture on the lower right? That is all the damage it got and still fully working with scratch free crystal. From that point on, I am sold with the concept G-Shock is tough.

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    Re: Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?

    my marriage but seriously let seethe day i run over a car(technically i got run over buy a car but since i jumped to avoid getting hit in the legs by it) and well broke my wrist but the watch remained intact forgot to take it wen sparring kickboxing and needles to say it took a beating

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    Re: Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?

    My G-6900 bumped on a wall. I felt the thud of the impact.
    Other watches would've got grazed or scratched, but the 6900 only suffered a slight discoloration (which was easily removed with a toothbrush).
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    Re: Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?

    Thrown some of mine against the wall a few times just to illustrate the point to friends that G-Shocks are actually tough and not just marketed as being so.

    My Reactor Fallout has had a tougher test though when my ex-girlfriend and I were sleeping at one of her friend's houses and a stack of metal shelves fell on us in the middle of the night. The sound of creaking metal woke me up just in time so that I could thrust out my arm and form a barrier as the shelves came crashing onto us. The watch and I took the full brunt of the impact, which left her without a scratch, and me bleeding from my arm and wrist either side of the watch (with only a bruise under the caseback). Examined the watch afterwards for signs of damage and remarkably there was no indication at all that it was ever involved.

    This was the beastie:

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    Re: Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?

    I wore my original 5600C camping all the time and on one winter trip in upstate NY it got around -25 F. I had the watch on over my sleeve cuff and the screen blanked out, wouldn't work again for 4-5 hours after I got home. I think this was probably a function more of the battery failing at that temp that the watch itself though. That beast also went scuba diving a lot, got really battered and destroyed. My favorite watch I've ever owned.

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    Re: Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?

    I took a REALLY hard fall on by bike one day. (bicycle) So hard that I had lots of good road rash and actually cracked a helmet in two.

    I went down on my left side. my shoulder and arm hit the pavement directly. My mudman took a direct shot onto the pavement. It was just fine of course. I was pretty banged up. :)
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