Would you buy a franken G from a store?

Poll: Would you buy a modded G-Shock from a shop

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Thread: Would you buy a franken G from a store?

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    Question Would you buy a franken G from a store?

    I was at a nearby mall today having lunch and I decided to checkout some of the stores after eating to see if I could find anything interesting. I have gotten lucky at this mall in the past and while I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I figured I would browse. The last place I looked at was a kiosk that has had interesting models in the past such as a variety of rare Risemans, Frogmans and 6900s/7900s in hard to find colors. I noticed tucked in the back of the case, there appeared to be a DW6900MM-2 and while I have yet to pick up a 6900, this is one color that I have wanted. When I asked the guy to take a look at it, I noticed something odd about it. It looks like it has had it's module swapped for a DW6900-NB7 module since the all blue face was gone. Now after seeing that one, the guy pulled out another G-Shock that had its module swapped, it was a GA110-1A1 swapped into a GD100 Army Green resin. Now the price of the DW6900 was a little high but what I want to know, would you buy a swapped module G-Shock from a store?
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    G-Shock: DW-6900 x3, DW-6930 (Basel) x1,G-001 x1, GA-100 x2, GA-110 x16 (2 Collabs: Maharishi & Eric Haze), GD-350 x2, GDF-100 x1, GD-X6900 x2, GR-7900 x1, GW-5510 x1, GX56 x2, Riseman G-9200 x2, Mudman G-9300 x2, G-9330 (Rising Red) x1, GW-9330 (Initial Blue) x1, Frogman GF-1000 x1, Gravity Defier GW-A1000 x2, GW-A1100 x1

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    Re: Would you buy a franken G from a store?

    If the price is right and it looks awesome, why not?

    It"s still all G-Shock right?
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    Wearing a different G-SHOCK ​everyday.

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    Re: Would you buy a franken G from a store?

    yes with a few caveats

    1. has to be done tastefuly (at least something original/fresh)
    2. must have warranty whether from factory or at least the store who sells em
    3. price has to be reasonable
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    Re: Would you buy a franken G from a store?

    Yes, if I really liked the result and the price was near enough to MRSP - I would otherwise have to get two G-Shocks to get the desired Franken-Shock... well then again nothing wrong with a few more G-Shocks either

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    Re: Would you buy a franken G from a store?

    Yes, I would get any watch if it is reasonably priced.
    The MTG is retired and the 5600 too. Right now, the only working G-Shocks that I use and enjoy are the Riseman GW9200-1 and the GW6900-1

    If I can own a Rolex Submariner I would. I know they are tough too, their homages are tough. Trust me.

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