WOW RISEMAN arrived as well

Thread: WOW RISEMAN arrived as well

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    WOW RISEMAN arrived as well

    From Japan to Toronto in 5 days. I havent been taken back by any modern since 'till I laid my eyes upon my new RISEMAN. Casio outdid themselves this time. I find its size to be perfect, chunky yet very wearable. I'll take some pics late this evening. I have a US model on the way as well

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    Re: WOW RISEMAN arrived as well

    congratulations on your Riseman.

    seems like theres at least a Riseman owner everyday.

    best selling G of 2008, perhaps?

    good buy !!!
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    Re: WOW RISEMAN arrived as well

    Indeed. Congrats on 2 new Riseman watches!

    Who said there was going to be a shortage at initial release of the model. Plenty to go around.

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