wruw 11-17-12 saturday
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Thread: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

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    wruw 11-17-12 saturday

    Movie (3.0 : Q) will be published today
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    Re: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

    I actually have this on my wrist right now.

    G9300GY by Lunitic, on Flickr

    G-Shock 4 life.

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    Re: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

    Just got this DW-6100 from 1992 today. It was a great deal on ebay, a vaguely listed auction for a casio watch that needed a new battery. The description said it was used only once on a dive, and then shelved for the past twenty years. I believe it! This has all the original resin, including the original bezel (super, super rare) and band (this version now unavailable with the text on it). The resin was stiff, but I soaked it in hot water and it softened right up. No signs of degradation (I was able to remove the bezel without any problems).

    Best part, this is the Japan-made version with the 974 module (which has a better graph on the right, showing solid blocks of light and darkness for daytime and nighttime).

    Similar to the Fisherman in that it does temperature and also sunrise, sunset data. Retro incandescent bulb lamp. I am absolutely floored.... I got this for $66 (the opening bid) and no one came in to challenge the bid. The bezel alone is probably worth almost that much (only the brazil repros are available now).

    So glad I got this, and what a deal. Popped a new battery in, did an AC-reset, and it was good to go.

    My favorite type of vintage G-shock: original, and unrestored.

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    Re: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

    Sidelit Waxing Crescent @14% full

    Backlit GD100BW-1

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    Re: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

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    Re: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

    First g-shock on my wrist in a while

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    Re: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

    It's the weekend, so .... a Weekender.

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    Re: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

    Sorry, no G today...

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    Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

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    Re: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

    GW-M5610 with a glossy strap/bezel

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    Re: wruw 11-17-12 saturday

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