★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★
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Thread: ★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★

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    ★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★

    Have a great Monday G-Folks!!! 13, lucky for some including yours truly, wearing my lucky square for today just in casio!!!

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    Casio G-Shock G-5600E-1JF
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    Re: ★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★

    First time I got a photo with 00:00

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    Have a good new week — protected and joyful
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    Re: ★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★

    Have a great start to the week everyone


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    Re: ★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★

    Classic Simplicity Name:  CB19B959-6647-454D-AD95-F892CE39881F.jpeg
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Size:  2.51 MB Casio AW-81...........Have a Great a Day All!
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    Re: ★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Re: ★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Re: ★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★

    reworked golden defender frog. new resin and fresh coat of paint, happy with my paint job but not so much the colour. the original was nice but bit too much gold/brassy tones, i wanted more greens and blues with a bit of gold. mixed up what seemed to be a nice combo in the pot but it turned into a gold metallic green after i sprayed it, so now its a homage to Shenron lol

    wasnt sure what colour to do the text, did a rough job in black as a test, i think any other colour would make it look too messy.

    will see how i feel about it after a few wears, might either throw a semi opaque gold layer over the top or strip it back and try to get a bit closer to the original colour... or go something completely different :p

    will post more pics in the frog thread
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    Re: ★★★★★★★★★★ WRUW Monday 13 January 2020 ★★★★★★★★★★

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