WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019
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Thread: WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019

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    WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019

    GWFT 1030e-9 today

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    Re: WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019


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    Re: WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019

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    Re: WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019

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    Re: WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019

    finally got around to ordering parts for this guy
    originally was going to just got with the all black MS band but couldnt resist the pop of colour from the -3 band. the very sublte dark green on the outside is -just- different enough to not be "oh great, -more- black" but not so green that it throws off the cohesion with the gold display. the fluro yellow pops well with the display and the bezel text (photos dont really do the colours justice)
    new bezel will be next on the list, just have to mentally get past pacparts' painful shipping fees! -__-'

    im liking the aspect ratio of the 56rtb shape and how it blends in with the band. theres about .5mm of over hang but its not realy noticeable. the module was a tiny bit crocked when i got it so i popped the caseback and gave it a tap but now the solar panel is crooked! lol looks more like a shadow and far less noticeable than having the dividing line not line up with the window frame.

    so thats another square added to my collection! ...dammit lol next i'll be thinking ga110s are good, legible models! :-0

    side note: i reluctantly went back to tiktox and i gotta say, the service was night and day compared to my last one.
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    Re: WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019

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    Re: WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019

    The new GA-2000E-4ER Carbon Core Guard that arrived with me yesterday, strap changed to the green canvas from orange resin:

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    Re: WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019

    Green Goldeneye Rangeman today...

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    Re: WRUW Tuesday 14 May 2019

    Bluetooth StepTracker

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