WS200H - what an accurate gem
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Thread: WS200H - what an accurate gem

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    WS200H - what an accurate gem

    It has been one year that I set the time on my WS200H.

    I new right after purchase, that I got lucky with a very accurate one, still I wanted to test and see how well it does within a year.

    I wear it two days a week on average and I also swim with it. The rest of the time it is in a dark drawer at room temperature.

    Well 'the results are in', please see for your self:(Picture shows W-S200-H-1AV and STW-1000-8JF)

    After one full year, it is only 13 seconds behind a freshly synced atomic watch.

    Love it!
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    Re: WS200H - what an accurate gem

    It's nice to get an unusually accurate sample, but it's just the luck of the draw.

    One of my W-S210 models is currently running fast about 15 seconds per month, while the other is under a second per month.
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    Re: WS200H - what an accurate gem

    Very nice test! 13 seconds a year is not bad at all!
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