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    WUS Members and Moderators

    I deeply appoligise that everyone had to deal with bickering and arguing. On WUS like a bunch of children because of my actions. I am sorry for everyone involved and everyone that had to read and see it on their Casio G-Shock forum page. With that being said #1: I offered my watch to WUS members before i went to Ebay. Therefore i never brought what i do outside of WUS to WUS forums #2 I am about as honest as they come. If someone bought a watch with high shipping and made a mistake i would in no shape fashion or form keep there money because they failed to see a shipping price(which should be one of the first things you look at). #3. What i do outside of WUS is my own thing and if you dont like it then oh well. But to be accused of being a scammer i will not tolerate. But my true regrets to the people that had to see the useless talk of some people calling me a "crazy scammer" ive had more than a few dealings on WUS and i am 110% legit. I dont know if they feel that i have better watches in my collection than them. Or they just honestly have no life and enjoy being billy bad a** on a computer. But whatever the case is to each their own. And for the record i am canceling all of my auctions and doing them the correct way. This is the first time ive tried it and as much as they have IRS/Ebay agents patroling and accusing people of things. They have other people that are massed confused and dont read the shipping charges. So im constantly canceling bids. I even had to refund money lol. But at any rate. I do appoligise for the inconvienance that it may have caused to WUS. Thanks, And have a wonderful night. I will enjoy my vacation in Florida and re-list my auctions.

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    Re: WUS Members and Moderators

    Fair comment that needs no other reply than this one.

    Thread closed.
    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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