WVA-M650D-2AJF crystal removal?

Thread: WVA-M650D-2AJF crystal removal?

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    Cool WVA-M650D-2AJF crystal removal?

    How do I remove the resin glass crystal from a WVA-M650D-2AJF? Is it glued in? It scratches too easy and I want to replace it with sapphire. It looks to be around 34 or 33.9mm. Esslinger? Or am I better off ordering one like is used in the lineage (LCW-M600D-1BJF)?

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    Re: WVA-M650D-2AJF crystal removal?

    I just basically need to know how to remove the acrylic crystal from the WVA series watches?

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    Re: WVA-M650D-2AJF crystal removal?

    The chances are that nobody from this forum ever tried!
    You see no pictures in my post?
    Photobucket decided to lock my pics behind a 40$/month prescription service.
    I used their services since 2009 so the most of my old threads have Photobucket pics inside.
    If you stumble across one of those threads and want to see the pic, PM me and i will re-attach it.
    What can we learn from all the lost information?
    1. never trust cloud services
    2. always keep control of your data

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