Yahoo Japan: HOW TO ????

Thread: Yahoo Japan: HOW TO ????

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    Yahoo Japan: HOW TO ????

    I am sure this is covered ** somewhere** but… How do I bid on Yahoo Japan?

    I have found some proxy bidding services , e.g. abidko - and others
    - how do I chose which one?
    - Are they worth it?
    I am looking for semi-vintage, read "few years old and under 40$", DW003s. Will the 40$ watch end up costing me a hundred bucks (like the fabled 12€ menu in Parisian restaurants which amounts to 20 euros after all the hard-to-avoid extras . Besides, all stinginess aside, will it be a hassle or will this truly be a service?

    ANyone has any experience with them, or a better idea?
    Thanks guys

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    Re: Yahoo Japan: HOW TO ????

    lam, did u read this thread?

    ive never tried it but im sure many had done it before. ill bump this up for feedbacks.
    "My watch buying policy reaches up to $29.99. PM me if interested" - Vintage

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    Wink Re: Yahoo Japan: HOW TO ????

    Hi Iam,

    I haven't tried to order via a third party before, but it seems a nice alternative. Indeed, you cant avoid transactions costs and double shipping prices (one time in Japan, one time to you) and fees for the service. It will not be cheap on a €40.- watch I'm afraid, but sometimes really worth it (like my A.D.M.A.).

    Quote Originally Posted by lam1611 View Post
    ... like the fabled 12€ menu in Parisian restaurants which amounts to 20 euros after all the hard-to-avoid extras
    Only €12.-. I thought that was the price of a cup of coffee in Paris (not sure a smiley emoticon is on its place, it's rather sad). €20 Euro's for a dinner with extras is a steal here in the Netherlands.



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    Re: Yahoo Japan: HOW TO ????

    ACtually, I just found that thread AFTER I posted my question - but I am either too lazy or too simple (probably both!) to try and figure it out: It's a great step-by-step, but it still looks like it's not SO easy to do… Most things worth it aren't, I suppose…

    I'll probably give it a try with either FromJapan or Abidko or some other bidding service, see how it goes. Start betting a few low-value chips, like every beginner.

    Then I'll report on my experience if I get something interesting:

    I just figured out that I ALSO like semi-vintage Gs (now what, eh?): I found out that my very first (and until the G BIBLE epiphany *ONLY* - do you believe this?) G is a grey DW004 which I bought at Athens airport quite a while ago. SO now that the G virus has bit, I am of course set on finding some more DW004s, preferably white, and either restore them to their original splendor (or even better BNIB, wear them right away!), or mod them

    Speaking of mods, since I make exotic skin straps (croc, lizzard, iguana, you name it), my next project will probably be to build a G CROC.
    I have to figure out which base to start from: Either a big old model in pristine condition (for the 23mm strap - although this may be slightly dug-dealerish, rap-starish looking…), or a clean C3/8000 (would look great, but they aren't cheap), or better yet a very cheapsimplebasicbasic model to cut my teeth on…

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    Re: Yahoo Japan: HOW TO ????

    Hi Lam1611,

    I hear you.. ^ ^
    I'm Michael from Abidko..

    Well, those costs that you have mentioned is inevitable due to seller
    refusal to ship internationally ^ ^

    However, if you can send me the URL to me, i will try my best
    to estimate the total cost for you ^ ^..
    and at the same time taking consideration leaving some discount since this might be our first deal.

    Thanks a lot

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