After scratching accidentally the bezel of my GW9000, and being afraid to scratch my other G's (solar 5600, I am currently looking for a G or non-G to do all the dirty jobs ...

Here are my needs :
- Long battery life, 10 years would be perfect ...
- Water resistant to 100 m, if non-G
- as black as possible, a rather stealth look
- reasonable size (if non-G),
- cheap, 30-40 usd (I am located in Europe, that means 10-20 usd shiping fees)

The Gulfman (7 year battery) is too classy

The W-800HG-9AVEF is too small

Borrowed from Casio website

The W-740-1VS is nice, unfortunately, I can't find it, nether at a good price and the battery seems to be 2 years

Borrowed from an ended ebay auction