?? for you "squares" and "Old School's"
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Thread: ?? for you "squares" and "Old School's"

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    Question ?? for you "squares" and "Old School's"

    I know there seems to be a majority of you that hold the 5600 series watches in high esteem. My question to the forum- of all the older "vintage style", square G-shocks- which do you favor and why?

    I am a big guy and favor a large watch as everything else just feels like a kids watch on me. Example, the frogman is just a tad smaller than I would like. :-X

    I love the Wademan bc of its massive size, when I wear it, it just feels right. Having said that, I am fond of the square mil style G's. I have a DW-6800 and I just bought a DW-5300. I really like the way the 6800 looks (I wish it was bigger :-D ) on the Zulu strap.

    So.......if you have the "square" models, compare them for me if you will. Which do you prefer. Preferably, looking for someone with 5300, 5600 and 6800 to give me your thoughts.


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    Re: ?? for you "squares" and "Old School's"

    Hiya Rod!

    I don't own a 5300, but I do have a 5600E, a 5600C and a 6800.

    The 5600s I prefer for their lower profile. But then I'm not exactly a huge bloke myself at 5'6" (the 5600E is 43 x 14mm, the 6800 is 45 x 17mm)

    Maybe you should look into the possibility of a wide "bund" style strap for an old G?

    The slightly more ornate bezel on the DW-6800 is nice though, and gives the watch a bit of personality.


    Kev's DW-6800:

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    NIIICE! both beauties

    Thanks Kevin nice example!

    You are right about the 6800 being a "thick" watch. On the Zulu adaptor it is quite high. I think I need to put her on a 24mm Zulu to compensate for the movement.

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    Re: ?? for you "squares" and "Old School's"

    this model may interest you, I have 5 of them in various colours. This is a red DW-8140 there are also 8100, 8120, 8150, 8195 variants. be warned though I have been searching ebay for these for 3 years and only have 5 so far...

    BTW they are huge....
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    Re: ?? for you "squares" and "Old School's"

    carrot's right, DW81XX and DW8300 comes to mind when you mention HUGE square G-Shock, the old school style.

    but be aware that these don't come by very often (i think its easier to get a DW5600C/5300 than to get a DW81XX/8300.

    and for a "low profile" square old school G-Shock, then DW5300 is the one to go with

    there's also a AW550, which is the square version of the old analog/digital combo AW560. but i am not so crazy about its styling.

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