Your module 3159 accuracy rate
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Thread: Your module 3159 accuracy rate

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    Your module 3159 accuracy rate

    I have owned a GW-M5610 in the past and currently wear a GW-5000-1JF (both have module 3159); I have noticed that they both gain a few seconds a month rather than lose. With my GW-5000 I measured a gain of 5 seconds a month.

    Does your module 3159 gain or lose? I have a feeling they are all designed to gain.

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    Re: Your module 3159 accuracy rate

    I agree.
    Of my many Gs just a few are too slow.
    They are almost all fast.

    only one of my 5600s is slow, a GRX-5600.
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    Re: Your module 3159 accuracy rate

    Quote Originally Posted by unbosom View Post
    ... both gain a few seconds a month rather than lose. ... I have a feeling they are all designed to gain.
    I think so too, and I am very happy with the performance of G-Shocks in this regard. I'd rather have +20 seconds than minus 2 seconds. The usual specs are + or - 15 seconds per month for most quartz watches, and many other companies (in my experience, so, anecdotal only) actually adhere to this. Therefore many of my T*mexes, and Arm*trons are slow, as a result.

    But I suspect that as well as having superior quality, Casio G- Shock modules may be secretly spec'd to +10 seconds per month, plus or minus 10 seconds. Just pulling those numbers OOMY, BTW! None of my G-Shocks are slow, and of my non Gs, only my F91s lose time. The W71 I have is superb. I really miss that model.
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    Re: Your module 3159 accuracy rate

    +6 / +8 per month.
    G-Shock GW-5000-1AJF
    G-Shock DW-5000-1JF
    G-Shock GW-5000B-1JR
    Omega Seamaster Professional 2254.50
    Omega Seamaster Professional 2254.50 (well you know, for backup)
    Rolex Osyter Perpetual 116000 Silver.

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    Re: Your module 3159 accuracy rate

    They are usually regulated to go a bit fast as...
    1) that's what most people would prefer (vs being slow)
    2) quartz oscillations are temp sensitive and I believe most G-Shocks will run a little slower when worn so setting it to run a little fast when they are not worn would be perfect

    +5 sec/month is excellent when you consider that COSC spec (for mechanical watches) is -4 to +6 sec a day

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    Re: Your module 3159 accuracy rate

    i have a GW5000, originally it gained about 1 second per week, I never use the multiband function. However, I spend a couple of months regulating it and checking. I have left it now for 3 months and it is still bang on atomic time.

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    Re: Your module 3159 accuracy rate

    I recently tested my GW5610 over a 30-day period with the radio synch'ing turned off. It ran 3.3 seconds fast over the 30 days. I also tested a Casio Oceanus OCW S100 over the same 30 days, again with the radio synch'ing off, and it was 3 seconds slow in 30 days.

    Tested a non-RC 5600 over 3 months and it ran 5.5 seconds a month fast.

    In in each case, the watches were not worn much during the period. Results well better than the +- 15 seconds a month specifications in their instruction manuals.
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