Your thoughts on the G9000-8v

Thread: Your thoughts on the G9000-8v

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    Your thoughts on the G9000-8v

    I didn't know about this color until I saw it while i did a random g-shock search at an auction site but the seller seems quite dodgy... It looks pretty cool and if i were to go for a mudman, this would be the color for me.

    I was just wondering why it isn't on the casio website. I've tried doing searches but couldn't find out much info on it apart from the fact that some of you call it the Stormtrooper watch. Is this color discontinued, is it a rare g-shock likely to go up in value in the future, are they still on sale, how much can i expect to pay for a new one?


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    Re: Your thoughts on the G9000-8v

    Found this model on Casio's Archived Product list...

    It might mean limited production of this model, hard to tell with all the different version of this color BTW
    Have a great day.

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    Re: Your thoughts on the G9000-8v

    Love it!Ive got two The G-90001v and the G-90003v

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    Re: Your thoughts on the G9000-8v

    It is a cool Mudman. In my wish list too. It is still available in the market (Asia)but not really a rare item. It doesn't matter if the value goes up, just buy it as you think it is worth.

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    Re: Your thoughts on the G9000-8v

    I loved mine! i was wearing it today, but i also sold it this evening!

    its currently on its way to its new owner. But i think i should have kept it, its such a solid watch, the toughest G ever IMO.

    But one drawback, the weird caseback is honestly very uncomfortable, the black bezel with the protrusions back there is tough on your wrist, i think its the most uncomfortable G ive ever owned.....

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    Re: Your thoughts on the G9000-8v

    I had one too and sold it to someone here on the
    forum. I just found I never wore it very much.
    I'm thinking of replacing it with the MX-2
    Regards Sonny
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    Re: Your thoughts on the G9000-8v

    I sold my G9000-8V too. I still have two black G9000's which I wear, but I was a bit concerened about the light coloured 8V getting dirty. It's a great G-Shock if you like the colour.
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