$2800 to build a three watch collection
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Thread: $2800 to build a three watch collection

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    $2800 to build a three watch collection

    I'm going back to the basics:
    I have around $2800USD (£2000) to build as interesting a three watch collection as can be, and I am looking for some suggestions.
    A few parameters:
    - Preferably mechanical (a mixture of automatic and hand wound would be great), but could be quartz for a piece of particular interest/significance.
    - small watches only (38mm or under, unless for specific tool watches that can justify a bigger dial size for utilitarian reasons).
    - vintage watches are fine - classic designs particularly appreciated (a Genta polerouter for example/Omega constellation Pie Pan).
    - One dress watch (I'd like a Cartier Tank Solo, or a JLC Reverso, but likely to swallow up all my budget for even the most basic model).
    - One watch must be WR to at least 100m (could be a diver, but I would prefer no diving bezel on a SS bracelet).
    - I would really like each of the three pieces to have some historical significance/hold a special interest in the history of watch making.
    - I'm particularly drawn to vintage/heritage models (Mad Men era).

    I'm aware this is not an easy ist of requirements to fulfill, but I will certainly consider mixing in cheap models to allow for more expensive ones, for instance:
    - A Vostok Amphibia
    - A vintage Cartier Tank solo
    - A vintage Bulova accutron spaceview

    Curious where you guys would go with this.

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    Re: $2800 to build a three watch collection

    Stowa Flieger, Tudor Black Bay 36 (pre-owned), and a Junghans Max Bill.

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    Re: $2800 to build a three watch collection

    Hamilton Intra-Matic
    Fortis Flieger
    Omega SMP
    You're either qualified or not qualified

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    Re: $2800 to build a three watch collection

    Nomos Club (can cover dress and waterproof)
    MK II Hawkinge (also waterproof)
    Stowa Flieger Klassic 36
    “If we could be satisfied with anything, we should have been satisfied long ago.”
    ― Seneca

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    Re: $2800 to build a three watch collection

    Tough requirements, I'd do the following:

    Damasko DA36 (or whatever variety you prefer)-- around $900 used--> nice tool watch, a touch over your requirements at 40mm---> if 40mm is too big, a Sinn 556 might be a better fit, 38.5mm diameter.

    Nomos Club- can fulfill your dress watch requirement while still having modern WR and reliability- and it fits your size requirements-- roughly <$1000 new

    Hamilton Khaki Auto Chrono-- can be foud for ~600-700ish new, gives you chrono functionality and would give you a watch on a bracelet--> available in 38m size

    And because you'd have a little cash leftover-- an Amphibia of course. So cheap and fun, why not?

    Good luck!
    Current: Rolex Explorer 214270 MKII, Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50, Omega Seamaster Professional Ceramic, Christopher Ward C9 Harrison, Vintage Waltham "Made in France" dial

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    Re: $2800 to build a three watch collection

    Christopher Ward C65 for a good all-around piece with 100m water resistance out of their 30% bin, 500 pounds.
    Hamilton Intramatic for your dressier piece, 400 pounds.
    Find some vintage rectalinear handwound watch with the remainder, budgeting in a couple hundred for its service.
    Tick-tock in RoK GMT+9, no DST
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    Re: $2800 to build a three watch collection

    SARB065, Christopher Ward C60, Alpina Startimer Pilot

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    Re: $2800 to build a three watch collection

    OP historically, is there 1 style you wear more than others, and spend more on than others? What might be the Hallmark Style of your collection (eg dress for work/lifestyle, field for the outdoors, chrono for driving, diver for scuba etc.)?

    And are there any styles of watch you're not very fond of?
    Best Regards,


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    Re: $2800 to build a three watch collection

    Get the best watch you can get for a little less than $2800. The other two will take care of themselves. You can get a great watch for $2800. You can not get 3 great watches for $2800, no matter how hard you try.
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    Have a nice day.

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    Re: $2800 to build a three watch collection

    Buying three watches to fit within a budget seems to me to be the quickest way to disappointment.

    Buy one watch you really like, then see if you can buy another.

    Thoughts for the day:
    facts, experience, opinion - figure which yours is before you start typing
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