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    [ASK] Authentic Watches

    Hi guys,nice to meet you all
    do you know what watch store sites that can provides official warranty ?
    because as i know sites like jomashop,authenticwatches and prestige time only offers their own warranty,not official warranty by the watchmaker company
    therefore it a lil bit hard to sell my watch after purchasing from those sites
    thanks guys
    will appreciate your responds

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    Re: [ASK] Authentic Watches

    For starters, click on the 'Sponsors' tab at the top of the page. As authorized dealers, they would all provide manufacturer's warranty.

    As discussed in other threads about grey market sellers, some do provide manufacturer's warranty. For each of three you have listed, I believe that, depending on the specific piece being offered, it may come with such. I've also seen reference to Alan Furman as a grey who can source most pieces with manufacturer's warranty.

    But if you're hunting for something offered by one of the forum's sponsors, you really should give them a shout.

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    Re: [ASK] Authentic Watches

    With a little bit of research there are ADs that approach grey market prices..

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