[Question] How to polish TI to restore bead blasted look..

Thread: [Question] How to polish TI to restore bead blasted look..

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    [Question] How to polish TI to restore bead blasted look..

    Hey, I searched through and it looks like there are some threads on using ink eraser, but they seem to create brushed look rather than bead blasted look (no brush marks...) and I am wondering how I can go about getting the look without sending the watch away for bead blasting..

    Just got Mido All Dial COSC Ti second hand, amazing watch, but has some wear marks that I would like to clean up.

    The bracelet has some polished parts and blasted looking parts. Looks pretty tricky but I think I will try to clean it up..

    If anyone have any ideas, please share.

    Thank you.
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    Undortunately there is no way to restore...

    a beadblasted surface without a complete re-do.

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    Re: Undortunately there is no way to restore...

    Yeah I would think just re-bead blasting it is the only way. Polishing it, by definition, will make it shiny and not matte finished.
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