[Question] Ideal size for my 6.5 wrist.
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Thread: [Question] Ideal size for my 6.5 wrist.

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    [Question] Ideal size for my 6.5 wrist.

    So, I am in Korea and after browsing in /r/watches I found that Tisell is a Korean company and my gf is helping translating what is on the Korean site, because they seem to have more optiones there. Now I really like this watch: Tisell
    The thing is my wrist is 6.5 inches and this watch is 43mm and the biggest watch I own is a 40mm. I have already tried to see if I can try it on, but they told me that even in Korea they just sell online.

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    Re: [Question] Ideal size for my 6.5 wrist.

    Really hard to say everyone's wrist is different and can pull off different watches - bony, flat, round, fatty. Then there's arm size, hand size, rest of the body, how high low they wear the watch etc. e.g. my 6 inch I can pull off a 46mm omega on strap but struggle with a 44mm panerai.

    The good thing in this situation is the case design is nothing unusual. You could easily dig around the internet and find other manufacturers selling a watch at 43mm with a similar case and try it for size. Things to ask Tisell, what exactly is 43mm (crystal diamter?, case diam? including crown, lugs??), lug to lug length and watch thickness if that matters to you.

    EDIT - I just googled 43mm dress watch and the image results show quite a few options you can easily try at the local mall.
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    Re: [Question] Ideal size for my 6.5 wrist.

    My wrist is 6.5" and I would not go over 40mm, in fact I prefer less than 40mm. I might make an exception for a sports watch with very short lugs. The style of the watch and lug length are important considerations. So is personal preference, but I think most people with small wrists would find 43mm too big.

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    Re: [Question] Ideal size for my 6.5 wrist.

    The lugs shouldn't really hang over the edge of your wrist. Whatever this measurement turns out to be is the maximum lug to lug dimension you can wear.

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