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    Smile [SOTC] My humble watch collection

    Hi fellow watch lovers, I am new to reddit. Iím very excited to post my humble watch collection. This obsession started after my father gave me his vintage Seiko 5. Now that after I have started to earn by myself, my collection is increasing since.

    1. Vintage Seiko 5 Lumibrite. My father never really liked to wear watches which he got to realise after getting a nice Seiko and deciding not to wear it, he almost kept it in a drawer for years. I got this watch when I was 15. All my friends used to make fun of me because they though it is a grandfatherís antique. So, I decided to keep it in a drawer as well. Now I realise how beautiful this piece is. I absolutely adore it.

    2. Tissot Seastar Quartz: Got this watch from an auction on eBay. Had a terrible bracelet on so got this watch for cheap. Replaced it with a handmade leather strap and it transformed into a beautiful dress watch.

    3. HMT Janata: This is a very special watch and has quite a history behind it. HMT was an Indian company which was very famous till late 80ís in India. I had seen a lot of HMTs worn by old guys in India. I always wanted to buy one but was not sure which. After getting a news that after suffering from heavy losses, the Govt. of India has decided to shut down HMT for good I decided to buy this piece. This model was famously worn by Mrs Indira Gandhi which was once the PM of India. Got this piece from one of the last runs of the factory with original box and papers.

    4. Bulova Military Chronograph: Got this watch after falling in love with Band of Brothers, as this is a very WW2 styled chronograph. Lovely aesthetics with a balanced blend of military and aviation theme. Has a 262 hz movement with a sweeping chrono hand. Lovely piece. Highly Accurate.

    5. Invicta 8926OB: No matter how much hates Invicta gets from the watch nerds, this watch has a very special place in my collection. This has started my love for dive watches. Though also helped me to enter into the world of watch modification. Modded this piece with SKX hands (with pointy ends removed), cyclops removed. This is my most accurate mechanical as well at +2.5-3 secs a day. Love it wearing with NATOís as well.

    6. Naviforce Type B Flieger: One of my first watches when I started to increase my collection. I purchased it to try how big pilot watch styles fit my wrist. Got a Parnis pilot but ended up selling it due to slipping crown issue. But kept this watch as it has a very accurate and reliable miyota movement.

    7. Seiko SKX 009: Does this even need a write up? Very Iconic diver sold at a bargain. Love the 60ís colour theme of this watch. Not a fan of the movement though.

    8. Bullova Accutron II Alpha: Anyone with an interest in Architecture, Space, Electronics, Skylab, Apollo etc stuff wants to owns a tuning fork Spaceview. Another reason is my Architecture Background and the Sir Richard Rogerís Story. Got this reissue but wasnít very happy especially due to the case design. Might sell it in the future to get a real Accutron, which is Hard to find in a good working order.

    9. Casio BTTF watch: Great Scott! You have to buy this if you love BTTF. It is more than a watch to me, it is a Vintage Science Artifact. I absolutely love the 90ís IBM, HP aesthetics this watch has. It will never leave my collection. 1.21 Jiggawatts.

    10. Citizen Eco Drive Diver: After falling in love with the diver style, wanted a daily beater. I wasnít very happy with the SKXís accuracy. Stumbled upon a not much talked diver from Citizen. Could not find much info on it. Still pulled the trigger and couldnít be happier. By far the most well-built watch in my collection. Anti-reflective crystal, +1 sec a month accuracy, superb bezel action, ISO cert. 200m , ISO cert. 4,800 A/m Anti mag, seconds hand hitting the indices dead on. This watch is not getting attention it deserves in watch community. Gem of a watch.

    11. Casio Edifice 335: Got this watch as a gift. Strangely this watch got me the greatest no. of compliments till date. Love the white dial.

    12. Seiko 5 SPEED DIAL SNK371K1 : Got this as a gift to myself after savings on very tight budget on completion of my graduation. Changed the bracelet to a leather strap. Love the Vintage racing style hands and dial. Gets a lot of Compliments.
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    Re: [SOTC] My humble watch collection

    Your not on Reddit
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    Confused Re: [SOTC] My humble watch collection

    Forgot to edit. Plus there is no option for editing a thread.

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    Re: [SOTC] My humble watch collection


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    Re: [SOTC] My humble watch collection

    welcome to the forum... you have a nice collection already.

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    Re: [SOTC] My humble watch collection

    Agree, the Tissot is first rate with the new strap. You will probably end up selling most of them in time and end up getting one higher end watch. Seems to be the evolution as you start out in this. Either way, keep the Tissot, good solid watches and good to have a basic for the wrist.

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    Re: [SOTC] My humble watch collection

    Welcome to Watchuseek.

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    Re: [SOTC] My humble watch collection

    Welcome to WUS. You might also consider joining the Affordable Watches sub-forum here. You'll be less tempted by really high-end watches there.

    Re. the Seiko 009, once you embrace the fact that it doesn't hand wind WITH THE CROWN and doesn't easily hack, it is a wonderful movement. The watch that started me collecting has a 7S26 movement, and I never cease to be amazed at how efficient its automatic winding is. Truly, if you spend as much time swirling it back and forth to get it started as you would turning a crown on a hand-winding automatic, it will be running strong after 20-30 seconds. Setting it to the second, you'll only do a few times, to see how it is running, but you can do this by applying a little back pressure on the crown (as if to turn the time backwards) while the movement hasn't got a strong wind on it.

    In exchange for the lack of hand-winding and hacking, you get a movement that will only need servicing in 15+ year intervals. Mine will be 17 years old this year and hasn't needed service yet. (due to rotating through a collection of watches)

    I love me a Casio CA53. It's a true classic. I gave mine to my son, but may buy another to replace it. Serena Williams has also been seen wearing one during a tennis match.

    I had an Invicta 8926OB also. Maybe the best mechanical watch one can buy, for the money. Bracelet feels a little rattly and squeaky, but probably because I just didn't wear it enough to break it in properly. It was comfortable and looked like a million bucks. Seiko movement, too. I only sold mine because I have the aforementioned Seiko and a higher end Squale 20 Atmos and was adding a Seamaster Pro ceramic; I was getting a little diver-thick.

    That Seiko from your dad. The thing about it is that full lume dials don't go well on dress watches, in my opinion. Maybe dress it down just a bit with a nice leather strap that is dressy, but not super-dressy. It doesn't work on a NATO at all, and they tended to have cheap bracelets. I think I'd go with some kind of brown leather.

    I never tried an HMT.
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    Re: [SOTC] My humble watch collection

    Love the Casio Calculator watch. My son has one and he loved it until the plastic part holding the lug pin to the body broke off and now there is no way to put the strap on the watch any more. :(

    I may get him another one (he is in University now in Engineering course so he may appreciate it though it may not be very useful with today's cell phone with him all the time) for his birth day or something like that.

    Like your collection. Wear them in good health.
    Chronic flipper...

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    Re: [SOTC] My humble watch collection

    Awesome stuff. Love that citizen on the orange nato!
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