Alexander Shorokhoff, creative head and founder of the eponymous watch, has long made a name for himself among watch enthusiasts with his extraordinary designs. With a new cooperation, an important milestone in the young corporate history now follows.

With the "Initialuhren" (initials watches) project, Shorokhoff enables their customers to obtain a personalised unique watch that bears their own initials on the dial.

What makes this so unique is the fact that the customer is intensively involved in the design process right from the start. Starting with the choice of bracelet and the colours used on the dial, the font of the initials and up to hand engraving, guilloche and skeletonizing, every step is precisely coordinated with the customer.

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For this project, Alexander Shorokoff has teamed up with Montredo, a well known online shop for luxury watches. After a customer has designed his watch together with Shorokhoff, a 30% deposit has to be paid to Montredo. This then marks the start of production. Once the watch is completed, the remaining costs have to be paid.

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“What is so worthwhile about this project is that the customer will end up wearing a wristwatch that is unique in the whole world and that corresponds 100% to one’s personal ideas. Since every detail, no matter how small, has been determined and the dial bears the own initials, you can be sure to wear a true one of a kind timepiece on your wrist”, explains Mr. Shorokhoff.

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A watch like this is a commitment to the traditional art of watchmaking as each watch is made by an experienced watchmaker in Shorokhoff‘s atelier - from The scratch. All the finishing is done by hand and requires the highest level of know-how and experience. The result is thus not only a creative self-expression but also an exclusive custom-made timepiece "Made in Germany".

Some specs:

Case: 44m

Movement: 3133AS, base P3133, 23jewel, 42hr power reserve

Initial Watches by Alexander Shorokhoff – Discover now exclusively at Montredo.

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