“Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?
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Thread: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

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    “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    Hey everyone,

    My New Year’s resolution to join a gym is just kicking into gear, 7 months late. I would like to get my hands on a “sports activity” watch (Nike, Casio, Puma, etc..). Digital and/or analog works for me. I have never purchased a watch like this before and was wondering if anyone has a “solid” that they stand behind or have any other good experience with them. G-Shocks seem way too complex to me, but it very well could simply be my perception. Not particularly picky on the brand, but here is what I’m looking to get out of it.

    -Under $100 (will happily buy used)
    -200m water resistance
    -Countdown timer (I think this is a thing?)

    Thanks as always everyone


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    Re: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    You really not need watch in the gym.
    I started running a year ago, and thought of buying a hr comp something like suunto/garmin (I do other activities) after 100 km (10 runs x 10km). After I run 100km, I decided to wait till 200. After 200km I decided that I can do without watch at all: cellphone track my pace and old watch on my hand.
    I've done 1000+km and now into different sports but still no need in a watch for me.

    my 0.02$

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    Re: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    If you really need a watch for the gym or any activity that isn't complicated, expensive, and is durable just get a G-Shock DW5600


    It has a chronograph, count down timer, and is 200m water resistance. It's a simple digital watch, you don't need a manual to figure it out. Leave your phone in your pocket to count your steps.
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    Damn it! Am I late again!?

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    Re: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    I am 52. I've been working out in a gym since I was 15. A watch is helpful. I use gshock GD350. I like it because, besides being tough, it has a vibrating mode. I time my sets when working with weights, and I also listen to music. With the GD350, when time is up to start the next set it vibrates. When I used a watch with a beep I didn't always here it.

    Another thing I like about it is you can set the count down timer under a minute. I go 20 seconds between set then start again. With many others, the count down timer has to be started at a minimum of 1 minute, and in my workout that's too long to wait.

    Edit: Can be got for under $100
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    Re: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    I like my Garmin.. Good for golf as well. You can get 11 hours on the GPS mode so it's pretty good for two rounds of golf and long bike rides. Fine for swimming but it's not 200m wr. It even has some sort of swimming mode. I don't run or go to the gym so I only use it for golf. I then strap it on my buggy and continue to where my omega seamaster.

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    Re: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    GD-350 x2


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    Re: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    A watch for the gym is actually quite useful. I use mine to time boxing rounds (hand it on the cage), time stretching, time set breaks, etc.

    The best option is a G-Shock. Bomb proof, lightweight, reliable. You can snag them for sub 100 USD on Amazon all day.

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    Re: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    +1 for a G-Shock. They come in a wide variety of styles and are eminently durable. If you get one of the models that syncs time up with a radio signal and charges via solar, you pretty much never have to think about it: it's always ready to go and set to the right time.
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    Re: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    One of these?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: “Sports Activity” watch for the gym and pool – any recommendations?

    This was my gym watch for quite a while. It was easier for me to read at a glance than my G-Shock. Because it was small, it pretty much lived in a pocket in my gym bag, and it didn't get in the way of dumbbells or resistance bands. The legibility helped when I was leading group workouts, too. I would have replaced it with a similar Seiko 5 if I hadn't pretty much stopped buying watches.
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