£4000 on one watch or two?

Thread: £4000 on one watch or two?

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    £4000 on one watch or two?

    I’m really stuck and need to hear the opinions of others. I can’t decide if I should purchase the Rolex Explorer II 16570 and have that as my main watch with my trusty GW5600 as back up or purchase a Seiko sbdx017 and an omega speedmaster professional which would equate to the same price.

    I will post pictures of the actual 3 watches that are currently for sale and I’ve spoke to the sellers briefly about.

    Rolex Explorer II 16570 2009 model with 3186 calibre and a service last year costing 1191 Euro. Under warranty until April 2019. For sale £4000

    Omega speedmaster professional 2018 model with full set. For sale £2300

    Seiko marinemaster 300 SBDX017 in what seems great condition. For sale £1750

    So £4000 for the explorer or £4050 for the speedy and MM300 if I were to pay asking price for said watches.

    MM300 on the bracelet as my daily with the iconic speedy on a nice brown leather for my formal occasions or the Exp2 as a GADA?
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    Re: £4000 on one watch or two?

    If I were you, I would go for the £4k Rolex Explorer only.

    However, if it was something like a brand new Omega SMP + Tudor Heritage Black Bay, I might go with that option instead of a 2009 Rolex Explorer. Although Seiko is a great watch to buy, I don't think I'll spend almost £2k on it. If it was a Grand Seiko, that would be a different story.
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    Re: £4000 on one watch or two?

    It really comes down to if you want one watch or two to switch between. All three watches are from highly regarded brands so you wont have to worry about resale if you choose to change it up down the road.

    (I like to change it up personally so I'd take the 2)

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    Re: £4000 on one watch or two?

    Of all your options, in my humble opinion, go for the one Watch - Rolex Explorer II.

    However, this is a good budget and will buy you a nice new Rolex Oyster Perpetual.
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    Re: £4000 on one watch or two?

    Didn't you just sell a MM300? Is there a need to spend £4000? If you were considering only having the Rolex and wearing it all of the time then why not only buy the Speedmaster and wear it all the time instead? Don't buy an MM300 again just to spend the extra money, and on something that you didn't like enough to keep in the past. Just my opinion.
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    Re: £4000 on one watch or two?

    I would take the Explorer II, it is a later serial with engraved rehaut and SEL. Very nice daily wearer.
    The MM 300 and Speedmaster are great watches.
    The Explorer II looks like an exceptional example and would be a good choice in my opinion.

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    Re: £4000 on one watch or two?

    Less is more. Better to buy 1 high end expensive watch, than many affordables / mid range watches.
    I'm content with my watch collection

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    Re: £4000 on one watch or two?

    Personally the Speedmaster doesn't cut it as a stand alone watch. I have one and I wear it a fair amount but the lack of waterproof means it is unsuitable in some instances. The Rolex is a pretty good allrounder.

    I don't know so much about this particular Seiko, it looks nice but I wouldn't want to spend so much on a Seiko unless it is a Grand Seiko (Don't flame me on this one, maybe it can be justified but I always start from the position of skeptical)

    I am not a particular fan of Rolex but it makes sense from many different angles. Its going to be durable, versatile and should be easy to flip if you ever need to.
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    Re: £4000 on one watch or two?

    Never liked the silver bezel on that watch.. it hasn't aged well IMO.

    A speedy would be awesome, but wouldn't see a need to spend the extra 2k.

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    Re: £4000 on one watch or two?

    Tough one because all 3 are a bit special. In this instance I'd take the MM300 + Speedy combo mainly because the Explorer 2 is not a favourite of mine.
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