116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra
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Thread: 116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

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    116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

    I own a blue fluted 116234 DJ with jubilee. I love the look and size of the watch. The issue is that I don't wear it much as I think it's too blingy for my work environment. I figure I can save it for parties and dressier occasions. The problem is that I don't attend many of those. Still, everyone should own a DJ . . . right? I've thought about selling it and buying another one later, but mine comes with the railroad track at the edge of the dial, the roulette wheel, and the jubilee with the hidden clasp. The newer ones don't have that combo of features.

    I recently purchase a blue SkyFall AT in the 38.5mm size. The size is great, although perhaps a bit thicker than perfect. The watch has been spot on, maybe losing .5 seconds per day. The 8500 movement is gorgeous and is perhaps a better movement than what is in most Rolexes. This fits my daily work style better so I wear it with polos or a long sleeve and chinos.

    I do not own a true dress watch as I don't have much need for one. The only other watch I own that would come close to this category is a silver dialed Rolex 1601 DJ from 1975. But that wears much differently than the newer ones. Besides that I own mostly tool watches - Sub, Speedy, 2264.50 which is the Ray Donovan watch, etc.

    My questions is should I keep both the blue Skyfall and blue DJ or are they too redundant? If I keep both, I may need to move something else. The watches in red are not going anywhere so that only leaves the Speedy which is a good watch but I find a bit boring at times. Would knowing that last fact change your decision at all? This is a tough one for me as I love both watches so I could use some other opinions/viewpoints.

    The 2 watches in question are pictured below.

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    Re: 116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

    I would keep the DJ and not the AT. For the record, I too thought the 38 AT a bit thick for my taste;And the 41 was slightly large for the style of watch (for me).

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    Re: 116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

    move the aqua terra... never have been a huge fan really
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    Re: 116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

    Not a big fan of the bezel on the Rolex, whilst the AT isn't the most exciting watch I would keep it over the Rolex any day, plus it sounds like it's working well for you the way you are using it. Get a couple new straps and or bracelets for it, sell the Rolex. For dress look for a nice little no date manual winder or quartz.
    PS,,, also the cyclops on the Rolex rules out dress imho.
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    Re: 116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

    Depends on your style of "collecting". For me, I would consider those watches nearly interchangeable and would have no use for both of them in my collection.

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    I’d move the AT. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to force feed myself this watch bc I think it’s a good value. But I just can’t bring myself to love it.

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    Re: 116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

    Too redundant imho. I want to say keep the DJ, because I would. However, it seems like you wear the AT a lot more (and you already have another DJ). Perhaps you should sell the DJ, and invest in something you'll wear more, or save the money for when you find a piece you want to acquire that you know will get more wrist time. It seems a shame that the 116234 doesn't get a ton of wrist time, it really is a thing of beauty.

    Food for thought anyhow.
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    Re: 116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

    AT is nice but cookie size with the 8500 movement, IMHO.

    The 2500's were great but if you have small wrists like I do, the newer Omegas can be tough to wear.

    Keep the Datejust. It is beautiful in blue.
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    Re: 116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

    Keep them both. TBH I’m a bit concerned that you think the DJ is a bit blingy for work.
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    Re: 116234 blue DateJust vs Skyfall AquaTerra

    Sell the Omega and KEEP the Rolex.

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