1st Post, Repairing a Tudor?

Thread: 1st Post, Repairing a Tudor?

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    1st Post, Repairing a Tudor?

    Hi, my name is Mike and this is my first post. If I take my existing photography hobby and introduce a watch hobby into my life...I think I would go broke. But I am always in the market for something nice without breaking the bank. I went through a copy threads on here and DROOLED at the thread with people showing their watches. I have a few Tags Heuers and Movado's that I have gotten over the last few years, but that is about it. Nothing to drool over like some of your collections.

    I do have a question that maybe someone on here can answer. I have a Tudor watch from the 70's or 80's that my Grandfather passed on to me when he passed away in 1999. He wore it every day and it is worn, but more importantly, it does not work and has not work since I got it. It would mean so much to me to get it fixed.

    I think between the time of his death, and the time I got in possession of the watch (he lived in Hong Kong at the time and I live in Chicago, IL)...someone might have dropped it. Both the hour hand and minute hand on the watch is stiff enough to the point where it wont swing around with any sign of movement, but when I try to swing it back and forth gently to get the watch wind up, both the hour hand and minute hand would swing in both clockwise and counter clockwise positions and stop moving when I stop rocking the watch back and forth.

    Here are the questions that I have and maybe someone on here can shine some light onto this. I didnt know which forum to post it in so I chose the most generic one. How would I go about finding a place to fix this watch? Since it is such an old watch, if it needs new parts, where would it come from? Are there any good places in or near Chicago? is there a price range of how much something like this would cost? The crown, crystal, and face of the watch seem to be good. It just seems like something might have snapped inside the watch from a fall or shock.

    I just want to get this watch in working order so that I can pass it off to my kids when they get old. It is locked up in a safety deposit box right now so that explains the lack of photos. If it is extremely necessary to see some pictures, I can always grab it and put up some pictures.

    thanks ahead of time for any help. :thanks

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    Re: 1st Post, Repairing a Tudor?

    Welcome to WUS! It is always extremely necessary to post pics here.

    A Tudor from the 70's or 80's is not a particularly old watch. One of the great things about Tudor is they used modified ETA movements, which means almost any good, competent watchmaker can service it. Parts availability, if necessary, should not be a problem. Even crystal, crown, and gaskets are readily available.

    It will probably cost you a bit....maybe $200-400 depending on what is required to bring it back to life. Whether or not you want to spend that amount is up to you. You might want to see this similar thread for the general consensus:

    Check out my old Tudor. Much older than yours and had a full overhaul. It can be done.
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