2 Watches for £4500gbp or 1?

Thread: 2 Watches for £4500gbp or 1?

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    2 Watches for £4500gbp or 1?

    OK, you've sold your Sea Dweller for about £2,500, put some to wards it and now have £4500 ($8900 usd)
    You want a classy dressy watch that isn't "bling" , probably something on a strap. A complication i.e power reserve etc would be nice but not absolutely essential.
    Gold would be nice but probably not affordable because...
    You also want a good solid everyday watch i.e a diver type that must have a decent waterproofing so you can swim or even dive in it (nothing serious, about 20 meters dive).
    What would or even could you get?
    Would you even get an expensive 2nd watch? or would you spend as much as possible on the "Dressy" watch and the bare minimum (i.e 100's rather than 1,000's) on the every day "beater"?
    Would you blow the budget and go for gold? or stick to SS?
    If going for 2 good watches which ones and why?
    Oh, pre-loved is OK as long as the watches are commonly available as pre-loved and the £4500 gbp is set in stone
    Yes I do have my own agenda here but it's an interesting subject anyway so why not!


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    Re: 2 Watches for £4500gbp or 1?

    Well, I would have kept my Sea Dweller.

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    Re: 2 Watches for £4500gbp or 1?

    Hey Mike,

    I havn't sold it yet!

    This question is based on my pondering on whether I want a really nice high end dress watch more than I want a top Diver.

    In an ideal world where I had more cash I'd keep the SD and get a JLC Master RDM! However I don't have the funds without selling my SD.

    So IF I sold the SD I'm thinking what could I get for the combined cash (£4500 gbp)?

    Don't get me wrong Mike, I really don't want to part with my SD but my desier for a real classy dress watch is becoming very strong.

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    Re: 2 Watches for £4500gbp or 1?

    Well, go for a A. Lange & Söhne. Classic as classic can be and buy a reliable diver's watch with an ETA 2824-2 for let's say 500 Euro or even less.

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