2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

Thread: 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

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    Wink 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

    I'm feeling like 8-10 watches sitting in boxes while I wear one is wrong.
    Wrong on many levels but I'm not going there
    So I've decided to do some soul searching and find what I really need / use
    The requirements are few.. Price max $2000 but more comfortable @$1000
    Well made / good mov't / good value .

    A. Everyday wear ,for me work is casual attire so many styles fit the bill
    I choose sport / dive style for function & duarability . Those in the house at this point
    Seiko Sumo, Sinn U1 , Sinn 556i ,Longines HydroConquest ...also looking at Seiko Shogun
    Interesting thing is I've determined that 40mm is really my favorite size & Sumo & U1 are larger
    But feel / fit well on my [7" ] wrist ?? ..
    Longines is new guy in town and becoming a favorite due to size -39mm
    Bracelet option is a must for the E.D. watch & rubber option is nice

    B. Casual Dress .. in the house are Hamilton Intra-Matic & Nomos Club .. Like 'em both
    wear small great under long sleeves , keep time well & look classic Club being more casual
    May get more wear , Hamilton looks better with suit [very rare event for me ]
    Needless to say their are some other straglers in the watch box
    Help !! Can I get it down to just two ?
    OK maybe we can make an exception 3.. one more can't hurt

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    Re: 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

    Longines Legend Diver and Tissot Visodate?

    I'm sure Domo will come up with a suitable pair of Seikos...

    Sent from Maxwell Smart's shoe.
    Cheers, M

    "Both feet on the floor, two hands on the wheel, may the wind take your troubles away."

    - Son Volt -

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    Re: 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

    For you...Longines Hydro and a Seiko Cocktail.
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    Re: 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

    Go with Longines

    Hydroconquest and Legend Diver. Be happy :)

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    Re: 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

    Sinn 556i
    Hamilton Intra-Matic

    Don't understand the desire to have two or three Watches. Have 3x that amount of Casio G-Shocks alone & have dozens of others. And none of them are going anywhere.

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    Re: 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

    If it were me: A-Longines B-Nomos

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    Re: 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

    U1 & Nomos.

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    Re: 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

    I'm be going for one of the last Doxa 1200T Professionals and a Nomos Club.
    Daily Rotation:
    "Save the Ocean" Turtle; Tudor Black Bay; DOXA 1000T Project Aware (75/92); Seiko SKX013; Garmin Descent; Tissot PRS200

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    Re: 2 WATCHES - What would you have - perfect duet

    For me, if I had to keep it under $2k/each, I'd probably keep my JS Watch Co. 101 and get a Schaumburg diver. Alternatively, I might go Nomos Ludwig and an Oris diver.
    Instagram: @ryanwearswatches

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