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    >200 Watch Search

    In the market for a new watch, I've decided to increase my range a little. I've found three that have peaked my interest, two of which are a little more...modern than your traditional analogs. Open to other suggestions as well.

    Nixon Sentry ($150)

    The Sentry | Men's Watches | Nixon Watches and Premium Accessories

    Kisai Night Vision ($149)

    LED Watch Design with Time & Date, Alarm & USB Rechargeable. Night Vision

    Pebble ($150)


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    Re: >200 Watch Search

    What's your max budget? Also you could try looking on the digital/ABC watch sub-forum.

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    Re: >200 Watch Search

    You haven't said exactly what you are looking for in a new watch, but you're not really going to find many people recommending gimmicky hi tech watches over more 'proper' watches. The answer to 'what watch should I get for less than $200 usually always ends in either Seiko SKX007, Orient Ray/Mako, Vostock Amphibia or G-Shock. Pick one, your choice.

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