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In 2013, Fromanteel strengthens its position amongst Dutch watch lovers by launching two new models within the ‘Amsterdam’ series.

The two new watches flanking 'The Amsterdam' - flagship in the series - will be the 'Amsterdam by Night' and the 'Amsterdam Chrono'.

The new Amsterdam by Night refers to the city's vibrant night life. An Amsterdam night has many different faces, all of which we want to accentuate with this watch by displaying both the stylish side of the city and its nightly splendor. The dial is finished with the extraordinary metal Ruthenium, to which the 'Amsterdam by Night' owes its anthracitic brown, silver color. A watch with very luxurious feel as its predecessor. The watch is available with either a dark Brown or a vintage strap.

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Swiss quartz movement: Ronda Caliber-6004.D
Polished stainless steel case, 5 atm, solid case back
Diameter 42 mm, height 10.5 mm, crown diameter 6.25 mm
Sapphire crystal, Date, Small seconds
Quick release leather strap, 20 mm
Price: EUR 379.00
More information here

Another Fromanteel novelty that will turn a lot of heads this autumn, is the 'Amsterdam Chrono': the first chronograph watch in the Amsterdam series.

The dial of the 'Amsterdam Chrono' is silver / white in color and displays a brushed sunray finish. Boasting a Ronda 5030 caliber, this watch is a true powerhouse. The Amsterdam Chrono is available with either a blue strap or a light brown strap.

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Price: EUR 499.00. More information here

About Fromanteel

It all started with Ahasuerus Fromanteel, a clockmaker from the 17th century who owned a modest workshop at the Dam square in Amsterdam. Back in 1660 AD, Fromanteel began to manufacture a series of revolutionary clocks, equipped with the advanced pendulum mechanism. This clock was known as the most accurate clock at that time. The pendulum enabled the Fromanteel clocks to measure 'seconds', which was quite unique in a world dominated by 'minutes' only. The clocks were sold as if they were iPads and because of this huge success, Fromanteel expanded his operations and opened a second workshop in London and not much later one in Newcastle. Instantly creating the world's first multinational clockmakers firm.

That is what inspired us to do what we do today.

Now the name Fromanteel lives on as a brand of fine crafted watches. Our timepieces apply the mastery technique of the Fromanteels to today's modern age. A Fromanteel watch is a contemporary designed timepiece, with an eye for the smallest detail and the highest level of quality. HISTORY IS NOW.