A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection
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Thread: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

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    Smile A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    As the year draws to a close, I thought I'd post some of my thoughts on my current collection, which may prove useful to those contemplating ownership of these pieces, and heck, because we all love to read about watches

    Background: I have small wrists (about 6.5"), and I share my watches with my wife. Hence, most of my watches are rather diminutive, or 'vintage-sized'.

    Nomos Club (36mm)

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    I bought this in 2013, just before my wedding. It features the Nomos Alpha movement, which has performed flawlessly thus far. This, together with the Explorer, are my two most accurate watches, keeping to about +1/+2s per day. The most outstanding feature about this watch is its dial, with its playful good looks and legibility. The case is also very beautiful, and I love the domed sides. However, it really accumulates scratches easily - I find myself using my cape cod cloth on this the most. I've tried a few straps, but I still find the original brown Nomos cordovan strap with red stitching matches it best. Sadly, it probably sees the least wrist time amongst my collection, as I don't often wear a brown-themed outfit, and I loathe to put scratches on it. As a side note, it has received the most compliments from others out of my whole collection.

    Nomos Orion (33mm)

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    I bought this for my wife in early 2014, who wanted a Nomos after I started wearing my Club. This is absolutely the most comfortable watch in my collection. The thin and light case, coupled with the cordovan strap are a dream to wear. One thing that frustrates me is when I can't get a good fit due to the preset location of the strap holes. It irritates me when the watch is too loose in a cold environment, or too tight in a hot environment. In that respect, the Nomos Orion has been perfect in either condition (sadly, I can't say the same about the other watches in my collection) and if comfort is my priority on a particular day, I'd wear the Orion. The thinness also makes it fit under all of my shirt cuffs easily. I also really love the blued hands, which are perfectly proportioned (I really like seeing the minute hand extend nicely to the dot at 6 o'clock) and incredibly legible. Although it has the same movement as the Club, it tends to run rather fast, about 10s/day, despite a recent service by Nomos. While I'm not usually particular about accuracy, it just means that every time I put on the Orion, I have to check that the time is accurate (at least to the minute), compared to atomic time.

    Heuer CS3111 (36mm)

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    We bought this in May 2015, during a trip to Tokyo. Man, that place was horological heaven. Vintage watches in great condition abounded, and there were so many watch stores. I initially didn't notice it amidst a sea of watch displays, but my wife did, and I'm glad she had sharp eyes! The great thing about this watch is that it feels exactly like a vintage watch, but the dial is in pristine condition. The thing that sings the most to me, about this watch, is the combination of the domed acrylic crystal, with the iconic Carrera case, crown and pump-pushers, making it a very handsome 3D object.. It's a watch that has great wrist presence as it's a tall watch, and I love to look at it from its flanks. The crown is large, making winding it easy, yet it doesn't poke my hand when I extend my wrist. This is the second most comfortable watch I have, after the Orion. The winding feel of the Lemania 1873 movement has good tactile clicks, which, by the way, has been keeping to a good accuracy of about +5s/day. Of course, it's just plain fun starting and stopping the chronograph and timing silly things. I like that the movement beats at 3Hz, giving the chronograph hand a vintage-esque slight stutter as it makes its way across the dial.

    Seiko SKX013 (38mm)

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    This watch was my wife's birthday present in 2015, and it was initially paired with a Cordura strap, but now resides on a wornandwound cordovan strap. This has been a great beater watch, with its gilt dial going well with the tool watch vibe. The lume is seriously awesome, charging quickly, and remaining bright throughout the night. The day/date complication has been useful too. While it hasn't been terrifically accurate (about 20s/day), it winds efficiently and has a good power reserve, making it a great no-fuss watch. I like that this watch is a hefty and tall little diver, and surprisingly, its polished case sides pick up scratches less than the Explorer. I think the overall case and dial design are great, but I wish the seconds hand extended properly to the markers. I'm thinking of changing the strap to a silicone one to better fulfill its role as a beater watch that will get drenched in dishwashing soap and sweat.

    Rolex Explorer 14270 (36mm)

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    This watch was our recent Christmas present and our first shared bracelet watch. The design and proportion of the hands, case and dial are superb, while the watch has a great history. This serial has Luminova markers which still glow great (but not as great as the SKX013). I like that the bracelet is easily washed and won't smell if cleaned properly. However, it's frustrating because on one hand, you cannot wear it too loose or the bracelet will start to flex, but on the other, when it gets hot, you can't loosen it as you would for a strap. I guess the best of both worlds would be the newer Rolex models with the latest Oysterclasp, but I've not yet found a modern model which sings to me that well yet. The 116000 is really nice, especially the one with the grey dial, but I can't get over the 'double-markers' at 3, 6 and 9. The accuracy, as mentioned earlier, has been superb, but the tactile feel when handwinding the movement leaves much to be desired (though, to be fair, I rarely do that as it's an automatic). It's just my opinion, but many watches tend to look better off the wrist than on it. Having said that, the Explorer is probably the standout in my collection that looks just as good (or better) on the wrist compared to off it.

    Feel free to let me know what you think of these watches, and I'd love to read your thoughts on your own collection too

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    Re: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    Beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Re: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    Excellent collection! You just need to throw in something with a colored dial, like a blaugold, or I'm particularly partial to orange dials.

    I wasn't sure about the Explorer, but it's really grown on me over time. I may end up getting one next year.

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    Re: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    Nice collection mate I really like that Nomos Club

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    Re: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    Beautiful collection - tasteful watches, appropriately size for a timeless wear.
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    Re: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    Wonderful spread. I really like the Orion--lovely in its simplicity. Classic good looks on the vintage Heuer as well. SKX and 36mm Explorer are always winners.

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    Re: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    Having a smallish wrist completely understand/appreciate your comments, a nice stash you've put together, and to be able to share it with your wife, even better yet . . .
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    Re: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    My collection was small, maybe two years ago....;)

    I especially like the acrylic crystal on the Heuer.

    Agree about Tokyo - watch heaven. Love the SKX013 as well (fellow wearer).
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    Re: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    Cool collection, that nomos club is growing on me

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    Re: A 2015 Reflection Of My Small Collection

    Great collection. That Explorer looks fantastic on you. Happy New Year.
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