2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro
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Thread: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

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    2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    Hello all,

    I was nearly sure I was going to buy the speedy pro, however starting becoming curious about an entry level rolex and fell in love with the explorer i.

    Which watch will i come to appreciate more as time goes on?

    Additional info: I already own a planet ocean master chronometer

    Thank you!

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    Re: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    Quote Originally Posted by markusf View Post
    Which watch will i come to appreciate more as time goes on?
    The one you don't own.

    Ya know, "the grass is always greener on the other side" and all that jazz...

    Hope that helps! Good luck! ;)

    (but really...)

    The fact that you call the Explorer an "entry level" model makes me think you're considering it because of the Rolex name and not because of its own merits. I could be wrong, though.

    So ask yourself: Why are you interested in these two particular models? Why not a DeVille or Globemaster? Why not an Oyster Perpetual or Datejust?

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    Re: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    I think you’re looking at two pretty different watches... I could be mistaken, but it does feel as if the Explorer is in this conversation simply for being a Rolex. If that is the case, walk away from it. I also feel the SMP does a better job spanning the gap between jeans a suit then the Explorer, which makes it a better “all-around” if that is what you’re looking for.
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    Re: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    Explorer = nice watch but the speedy = special. Want to have something nice or something special? I prefer special

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    Re: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    Paging Dantan & Crate410.
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    Cheers, M

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    Re: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    Have you tried them on? If not, I suggest you do. I think the Explorer case is perfect, its large enough on my wrist and wears thinner than its actual thickness. It is the perfect go anywhere do anything watch. The Speedy Pro is on my wish list but I would never trade it for my Explorer.

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    Re: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    I’m not really a fan of chronos, so easy choice for me. That brings me my point: They’re both great watches. Which one you like better is the best.

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    Re: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    Explorer I.

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    Re: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    Whether you are purchasing it because it is a Rolex or not - the Explorer 1 (2016) is a WONDERFUL watch and will become one of your favorites. I am considering one for myself at this time too. :) Currently, I have two Omegas and I can recommend the Aqua Terra if you are looking for a similar watch to the Explorer with a bit more "dress" to it. Mine is the 38.5mm which would be similar in size to the 39mm Explorer 1 - for reference below, my wrist is 7.25".

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    Re: 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro

    I love my Explorer 1 more and more with each passing day:)

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    I like the Speedy Pro too but it doesn't seem to sit well on my wrist. Both are such iconic watches that I just can't advise you which way to go. Sorry but you're on your own on this one.
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